I remember about 7-8 years ago, dark circles of glasses is very popular, whether it is a star or a passer-by, wearing a copy of the dark circles of mine ban Britain seems to feel more temperament.

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This is a pure handmade wood sunglasses every texture is unique

Flying Tiger glasses general manager Lin Yun said to attract millet, Baidu such Internet giants involved in the glasses industry is actually the weariness of the glasses themselves. “And mobile phones, watches, glasses, wear time and consumption of higher viscosity, and more suitable as a smart wear equipment carrier. Has not yet appeared in the field of smart glasses, a large enterprise, which is the giant cherish the market.

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Yang Fuliang revealed that the optical industry has not yet suspended the intelligence, as early as a few years ago, there are a lot of glasses with Bluetooth glasses into the market, because the high cost, limited factors, no popularity. “Internet companies to enter the glasses industry, which is a good opportunity for glasses business, the current big light is also actively explore how the Internet, intelligent technology into the glasses.

It is a pure handmade wood sunglasses every texture is unique …

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Perhaps to see more of the aesthetic fatigue, its prosperity has been receded, black box is definitely not the only choice. Unique woody material is also a good choice, such as wood from Italy.

This is a handmade wooden sunglasses. Each texture is unique

Wood light is not an intelligent wearable device, it is a simple sunglasses. But it is completely handmade, and each has a unique food, which is its most attractive place.

This is a handmade wooden sunglasses. Each texture is unique

Exquisite workmanship, polished, with a unique texture of wood materials, so wood compared to the industrialization of dark circles glasses more flavor, and some are the so-called “artisan” atmosphere.

This is a handmade wooden sunglasses. Each texture is unique

In addition, in order to meet the tastes and needs of consumers, manufacturers have joined the modernization process, you can through the laser pedal pattern, totem and other custom glasses, fully show personality.

This is a handmade wooden sunglasses. Each texture is unique

There are five main styles of wood light, basically very popular sunglasses style, whether it is the city or the river, or Harry Potter round, so you can according to their own preferences and face to make a choice.

Price, 130 euros (about 950 yuan) for the price of European hand glasses do not treat the wife, if you are tired of metal or resin frame glasses, or can be considered.

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Sunglasses market consumption, many Internet companies are also concerned about the cake. Recently, the domestic mobile phone giant millet, following the introduction of anti-blue glasses last month, they began a new launch of the new TS nylon polarized sunglasses for all chips, the total price of 199 yuan. In all of them, the weight of these two eggs. Is expected to ship on the next 30 days.

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Enterprise sales are more flexible

Sunglasses are becoming more and more “smart”, people buy more and more flexible. Witt business fantastic business opportunities, the timely introduction of a variety of new experience glasses.

Yan’an Road in the light shop, a set of VR glasses equipment is to buy glasses for consumers to provide services. Yang Fuliang introduced that this device simulates the use of different scenes in different scenes of the consumer’s feelings, and even allows consumers to experience the use of gradient lenses and ordinary lenses, in driving different sunglasses when the subtle differences, the filter effect through this device experience. “In the future, this service will be applied to brighter lighting stores to introduce the characteristics of the lens, which is no longer an oral statement,” he said.

In Hangzhou Fife glasses supermarket, through online drainage, offline glasses has become an important way to sell.

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With the arrival of the peak travel, many people need to buy sunglasses greatly improved, and everyone not only bought a pair of sunglasses, but the whole family of three war, three equipment are equipped with a few. For consumers to change this purchase Feixue glasses also introduced a pair of couples glasses package, home glasses bags and so on selling sunglasses. “This kind of sales is more suitable for young people now easy to shop mentality.